Sign Up

  1. I changed airlines, do I need to sign up for a new account?

    1. No, please login to your existing account, and click on "Airline Information" to update your airline and employee ID.

    2. You will be able to use the same barcode as before, if you received a new barcode, click on "Activate KCM Card" and enter your new barcode number.

  2. I received a new barcode and am trying to register it, but receive an error that the account already exists, what is wrong?

    1. You have an existing account that you need to login to.

    2. Once logged in, click on "Activate KCM Card" and change your barcode number to your new one.

  3. I am trying to sign up, but receiving an error that an account already exists

    1. There is an account with that email address or airline and employee ID combination already

    2. Login to your existing account and update your employee ID or barcode.

      1. If you do not remember your username or password, click "Forgot username or password?" link on the home page to reset your password and login to your existing account

      2. If you receive an error that the email is not registered, you likely used a different email when you first signed up. After trying a few of your email addresses and still not finding an account associated to it, please send us an email at mykcmsupport@arinc.com

  4. How do I know if my account is active?

    1. If you received an email after signing up and clicked on the link in the email, then your KCM bar code card is ready for use.

    2. Please note that though your account may be active you are still subject to being denied entry into KCM due to random screening or other potential technical issues.

  5. A problem occurred while verifying my airline/employee ID. What is wrong?

    1. The employee ID is being denied by the airline

    2. Double check the ID, ensure it has no spaces or typos. Check with your airline that you are using the correct ID. For example: United no longer uses the ‘u’ in front of the employee ID and crewmembers will not be able to create the account with the ‘u’ in front.

    3. The airline could have an issue and you could try again in 15 minutes. If you are still being denied, contact your airline.

KCM Barcode

  1. How do I get a replacement set of barcode cards?

    1. Contact your airline to obtain a replacement set of barcode cards.

  2. I received a new barcode, how do I update it?

    1. Login to mykcmsupport.com and select "Activate KCM Card"

    2. Enter the 12 digits following 'XA' on your barcode and select "Update"

  3. When my badge is scanned, I am denied, but when the TSO enter my employee ID manually, I am approved. Why doesn’t my barcode work?

    1. Please login to mykcmsupport.com and check that the employee ID on your profile is the one that the TSA is entering manually AND the barcode is the one you are scanning.

    2. If the employee ID is the same, and your barcode is correct, please request a new barcode from your airline.

    3. Once you receive the new barcode, login to your existing account and update your barcode by clicking on “Activate KCM Card”.

  4. The laptop displayed an “unenrolled card” error, what does that mean?

    1. It means the card has not been registered on mykcmsupport.com, linking it to an employee ID and airline.

    2. Login to mykcmsupport.com and register that card with your airline and employee ID by selecting "Activate KCM Card".

    3. If you do not have an account, please sign up.

  5. I lost my barcode and am concerned about someone else using it.

    1. Login to your mykcmsupport account and select "Activate KCM Card"

    2. Remove the old KCM number and select "Update"

    3. That barcode is no longer attached to your airline and employee ID. If someone tries to use it, it will be denied.


  1. I need to verify that I was at the airport at a specific time, can you provide the information?

    1. Crewmembers can only view their previous 30 days of KCM usage.

    2. 30 days of history is only recorded for crewmembers with a mykcmsupport.com account

  2. I have been using KCM for a while, but just now created an account to see my history, why is there no history?

    1. History is not saved for crewmembers without a mykcmsupport.com account. Now that you have one, history will be saved going forward, up to 30 days.

  3. The time is wrong.

    1. Please note that your history is displayed with UTC time, not local time to you or the airport.


  1. Why was I denied?

    1. There are a number of potential reasons that your airline sent the denied response

    2. If you were denied on a one off, it was likely a connection issue, if you are continuously denied, you need to speak to your airline supervisor.

    3. Some airlines do not approve new employees while they are still in training or certain phases of their employment, including leave and vacation.

    4. The KCM service does not dictate who and when use of KCM is allowed. Approvals originate at the crewmembers airline.

  2. My history shows I was approved, but I was denied access through the KCM checkpoint, why?

    1. KCM is a privilege not a right and the TSA reserves the right to deny anyone for any number of reasons, including random screening. Please refer to the KCM Rules for Use @ https://www.knowncrewmember.org/rules/

Name Change

  1. My name changed, do I need to update it and how?

    1. The name displayed on the KCM laptop the TSA uses comes directly from your airline, if it is incorrect you will be denied and, you need the airline to update it on their end.


  1. There is no expiration with the KCM service. However, your airline or NATA may have internal policies on this.

KCM Charges and Refunds

  1. Crewmembers do not directly pay the KCM service; questions about fees and refunds should be directed to those collecting them (your airline or NATA as the case may be)


  1. All restrictions pertaining to KCM are put in place by your airline or the TSA. Please see your supervisor or chief pilot about the allowed use of KCM.

  2. I am just coming back from leave/vacation, will I be approved when I go through the KCM checkpoint when I return to work on 'some date'?

    1. You will need to speak to your airline supervisor, KCM does not turn crewmembers on and off for leave, the airline does. Let your supervisor know you have returned to work and want your KCM privileges enabled.

    2. You may use the verify employment option in your mykcmsupport.com account to see if your airline will approve you at a KCM Checkpoint.

NATA Crewmembers

  1. In all of the FAQ above, NATA is the airline you will need to contact. Even when it comes to questions about refunds and time off, you should refer to NATA.

  2. If your airline uses NATA to sign up for KCM, you will need to select NATA as your airline in the drop down when registering for KCM.

  3. When you enter your employee ID, it is the ID on the NATA badge, not your airline employee ID.

  4. When you renew your badge with NATA, sometimes you may be given a new ID or KCM barcode, in either case, you should keep the KCM account you already have and update your information.

  5. NATA and KCM do not share information, the email you have on file with NATA, may not be the same as the one you typed in when registering for KCM.

  6. All payments and refund questions should be directed to NATA.

  7. NATA may be contacted at SERVICES@NATACS.AERO

TSA Pre-Check, and Trusted Traveler programs

  1. KCM is not associated or connected to either of the above programs. Each work independently.